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ZecOps Mobile XDR perform automated investigations in minutes to uncover cyber-espionage on smartphones and tablets.

Inspect your devices wherever they are

The ZecOps Collector is a lightweight application that will gather only what’s needed to perform a security investigation. Install the Collector on Windows or Mac laptops, or on a secure kiosk to perform automatic or on-demand mobile cyber investigations.

Streamline your incident response
Automatically construct a timeline of suspicious events to demonstrate when and how a device was compromised. Provide your stakeholders with detailed reports of the activity on their phones.

Deploy widely and securely
Catch, understand, and prevent mobile cyberattacks in your organization without sacrificing your users’ privacy. ZecOps analysis can take place on-premise or in the cloud to meet your organization’s requirements.

Enable threat hunting
Empower your CERT and SOC teams with advanced threat hunting capabilities. Search beneath the “application sandbox”, automatically analyze device logs, and write your own YARA rules.

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