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Cybereson Security Platform

Cybereson Intent-based Security Language

Cybereson provides a strategic, vendor agnostic, intent-based security language - which allows customizing, or using pre-built targeted defense strategies (Security Apps) per business needs. The intent-based security language mirrors the attack kill-chain model, the taxonomy of attackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures; and is further extended through security community terms. Cybereson intent-based security language is made up of Security Particles, which are logical security functions that describe various detection, investigation and response controls, allowing you to develop adaptive advanced defense strategies in a simple and intuitive manner.


Security Platform

Cybereson’s adaptive Security Platform sits on top of the network infrastructure and actualizes the intent-based security language by translating targeted defense strategies (Security Apps) into one holistic security system that detects, investigates and responds to advanced attacks . The Platform effectively implements and executes these throughout the organization’s existing security tools and network infrastructure, while continuously measuring the security system’s effectiveness, and the effectiveness of its tools in executing your defense strategies.

Find out more information about empow Security platform (download PDF)

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