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Cyber of Things

Protecting enterprises in a smart connected world

As billions of things, from phones and TVs to watches and lightbulbs, become smart and connected, enterprises everywhere become less secure. The reality is these devices are creating openings that can be exploited by attackers to eavesdrop, steal data and compromise your ongoing business operations.

How? It’s really a combination of design and opportunity. Many of these devices are built with convenience, not security, in mind, so they often have vulnerable interfaces, unprotected storage, hardcoded backdoors, unencrypted communications, and insecure pairing procedures that can be exploited. They also typically communicate over the “air”, via open hotspots, unmanaged or public wireless networks, and peer-to-peer (P2P) wireless connections, so they are completely invisible to your traditional enterprise management and security systems. 

Cy-oT shuts down these attack openings, giving you total visibility into all IoT activity and protecting you from IoT and wireless-born attacks. 

Total visibility

Cy-oT continuously monitors and analyzes all the smart connected devices in your airspace.

The moment any device enters your airspace, it will be identified and tracked, so you know exactly what’s happening at all times. In addition, Cy-oT compares what a device IS doing, with what it SHOULD be doing. These comparisons are based on the simultaneous analysis of a variety of parameters, including the device type – Cy-oT has the largest database of wireless computing devices and activities in the world – attributes (who owns it, where it’s coming from, when it’s connecting), and other learned behaviors.

Proactive Threat Detection

Cy-oT accurately identifies vulnerabilities and threats from smart connected devices active in your environment.

Uniquely combines positive detection, which looks at how a device should be behaving, with negative detection capabilities, which identify known attack behaviors, to produce high fidelity alerts that allow you to quickly understand and address any risks in your environment. Cy-oT’s cutting edge data science approach pinpoints misconfigurations, software bugs and other vulnerabilities in the environment that need to be addressed, as well as zero-day threats coming from smart connected devices.

Real-Time Attack Mitigation

Cy-oT automatically prevents malicious IoT activity and policy violations, in real-time, to keep your business going.

Interrupts or disconnects wireless connections to prevent data transfers and isolate threats in your environment. Cy-oT can also enforce IoT policies that align with your business and compliance objectives. For example, Cy-oT can ensure guests can’t connect to internal assets or devices can’t connected to wired and wireless networks simultaneously. The detailed, actionable information on the IoT activity in your environment can be integrated to improve the intelligence and effectiveness of your overall security infrastructure.

How It Works

It’s quick and simple to add Cy-oT defenses to your cybersecurity infrastructure to get the visibility and protection you need for the activity of smart connected devices in your environment. Small, non-intrusive Cy-oT Smart Protectors can be deployed anywhere within your sites to protect your surrounding airspace. The Cy-oT Cloud Service analyzes metadata collected by the Smart Protectors and pushes down policies and threat mitigation to keep your critical assets safe.

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