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BeyondTrust - Privileged Access Management (PAM) Products

BeyondTrust PAM products empower you to protect identities, stop threats, and deliver dynamic access to enable and secure a work-from-anywhere world.


Ensure Granular, Audited Access with a VPN-less Solution

Privileged Remote Access empowers IT teams to control, manage, and audit remote privileged access by authorized employees, contractors, and vendors—without compromising on security. Securely connect from anywhere, to anywhere – no VPN required.

Extend privileged access to cloud assets and limit network traffic and ports to only authorized sources and applications. Monitor sessions and confidently meet compliance requirements with an unimpeachable audit trail.

Consistently enforce least privilege and exert granular control and visibility over remote access, while enabling user productivity.

Prevent Account Hijacking & Other Common Threats

Password Safe combines privileged password and session management to discover, manage, and audit all privileged credential activity. Scan, identify, and profile all assets for automated onboarding, ensuring no credentials are left unmanaged.

Control privileged user accounts, applications, SSH keys, cloud admin accounts, RPA accounts, and more. Utilize adaptive access control for automated evaluation of just-in-time context for authorization access requests. Monitor and record live sessions in real time and pause or terminate suspicious sessions. Enable a searchable audit trail for compliance and forensics.

Securely Access and Support Any Device or System, Anywhere

Remote Support enables help desk teams to quickly and securely access and fix any remote device, on any platform, with a single solution. BeyondTrust enables the greatest number of attended and unattended remote support use cases, has the most robust built-in security features, and unlocks powerful synergies via key service desk integrations.

Gain absolute visibility and control over internal and external remote access, secure connectivity to managed assets, and create a complete, unimpeachable audit trail for compliance.

Organizations of all sizes can boost service desk productivity, efficiency, and security by consolidating and standardizing help desk support with BeyondTrust.

Centralize and Streamline Authentication Across Windows, Unix, and Linux

Active Directory Bridge centralizes authentication for Unix and Linux environments by extending Microsoft AD’s Kerberos authentication and single sign-on. Users leverage their AD credentials to access Unix and Linux systems for a seamless experience.

Organizations can attain consistency by extending native group policy management tools to include settings for Unix and Linux and transition users from desktops to remote machines or between systems, without requiring credential reentry. Leveraging Microsoft Group Policy across non-Windows platforms also enables centralized configuration management, reducing the risk and complexity of managing a heterogeneous environment.

Enforce Least Privilege and Control Applications

Privilege Management for Windows & Mac pairs powerful least privilege management and application control capabilities, delivering fast, unmatched preventative endpoint security.

Grant the right privilege to the right application – not user – only when needed, and create a single audit trail. Prebuilt policy templates stop attacks involving trusted apps, instantly addressing bad scripts and infected email attachments. Application control, allow-lists, and exception handling enable granular control over what users can install or run, and what applications can execute.

Operationalize quickly with QuickStart features for fast time-to-value and streamlined compliance.

Implement Unmatched Privileged Access Security for Unix & Linux

Privilege Management for Unix & Linux is an enterprise-class, gold-standard privilege management solution, enabling organizations to granularly control privileged access, achieve compliance, and vastly dial down cyber risk.

Apply factors such as time, day, location, and application, or asset vulnerability status, to make better privilege elevation decisions. Enable users to securely run specific commands and sessions remotely, without logging on as admin or root.

Extend capabilities far beyond sudo with centralized administration, session monitoring and management, file integrity monitoring, and powerful productivity enhancement.

Visualize and Right-Size Entitlements Across Clouds

Cloud Privilege Broker helps organizations pinpoint and mitigate risks associated with cloud access permissions and entitlements across multicloud environments.

Gain complete visibility and management of entitlements across cloud platforms. Benefit from a recommended path for fast mitigation, to enhance security and meet compliance goals.

Centralize management and reporting of privilege-related risk in a single platform that scales with customer needs.

Gain Holistic Visibility into Identities, Accounts, and Privileged Access.

Identity Security Insights is an analytics solution that detects anomalous activity and threats resulting from compromised identities and privileged access misuse. The solution correlates data across BeyondTrust products and third-party solutions, providing a single view of human and non-human identities, accounts, and privileged access.

Identity Security Insights illuminates risk ratings, entitlement details, and other key info that can be leveraged to respond to potential misuse events. Also benefit from proactive recommendations you can act on to reduce risk and improving your security posture.

Contact us for more information regarding those and other BeyondTrust products.

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